DonnaLynn – Marylhurst, OR


Donna Lynn Davis and husband, Terry, are songwriters and storytellers, and together they are the duo DonnaLynn.

They like to say that they have their roots firmly in the summer of peace and love, a foot in the troubled present and an eye to a brighter future.  Their music is their way of sharing that brighter view; each song is intended to lift the listener’s spirit.  Now more than ever people need to express love and peace however they can. DonnaLynn chooses, as Pete Seeger suggested, thinking globally and singing locally.

DonnaLynn is:

DonnaLynn Davis – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Terry Davis – Bass Guitar, Vocals
And many other contributors.

Keith Parkhurst appears on DonnaLynn’s CD “Butterfly Effect” on
percussion and drums (2011), and drums on the song “When I See You Again” in
April 2012.

DonnaLynn on the Web: