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Keith is currently performing with the following acts. Click an artist title for more information:

Water Buffaloes Portland, OR Classic Rock/Alt Rock/Hard Rock covers
The Exiles Rockaway Beach, OR Classic Rock covers
When Vanity Kills Portland, OR Symphonic Pop/Rock originals, covers
LionFish Portland, OR Alt Country/Rock/Blues/Soul originals, covers
When in Rome Portland, OR Classic Rock/Alt Rock/Hard Rock covers
Trace Wiren Portland, OR “Porch Rock”/Alt Country/Folk originals, covers
Living the Dream Portland, OR Alt Rock/Classic Rock covers, originals
Campfire Virtuoso(s) Portland, OR Acoustic Instruments and Voices
The Pariahs Portland, OR A drum and percussion project

* Contact Keith for booking information on any of these projects: or 503.349.9413

Keith has also appeared with:

DonnaLynn Marylhurst, OR Folk
Rebecca Lease Nehalem, OR Country music covers
(Not ODNL) White Salmon, WA Classic Rock covers
Old Dogs New Licks Portland, OR Classic Rock covers
Maria Callahan Portland, OR Original Country music
(Brandon) Portland, OR French Celtic + Percussion!
Rose City Rocks
Portland, OR Hard Rock / Heavy Metal original music
It’s Your Problem Now
San Jose, CA Hard Rock covers
Triaxxe Portland, OR Heavy Metal original music
Third Regiment Portland, OR Junior Drum and Bugle Corps
Ace High Portland, OR Rock and Roll covers and originals