parkhussion is the ‘umbrella persona’ of Keith Parkhurst and his musical and music-related endeavors. Simply put, parkhussion encompasses the “Industries of Keith Parkhurst”, and is intended to provide benefit for, to, from, and with music in any way he can connect it. This project is an attempt to organize a view into those efforts for the purposes of sharing information, as well as to facilitate and promote Keith’s musical and creative collaboration with other people wherever and whenever… it’s long been the dream, and now it is started!


about Keith

Keith Parkhurst has been a performing musician in Portland, Oregon for more than four decades.  With his roots in rock and rudiments, he now provides dynamic percussion and tasty licks in a variety of projects ranging from the original contemporary sound of When Vanity Kills to projects including hard rock, blues, soul, and acoustic folk covers.

Keith is involved with projects in the studio as well as on stage.  Keith established in April of 2012 providing a full array of musical services; percussion, lead and background vocals, and both acoustic and rhythm guitar across different genre of music. He is currently working with staff of Oregon Health Science University who are conducting brain research around the impact of music on patients recovering from brain injury and strokes.  Keith is known for his passion and steady pulse and is sought out by local musicians for mentoring and inspiration, as well as bring a positive energy to their projects..

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