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parkhussion is the ‘umbrella persona’ of Keith Parkhurst and his musical and music-related endeavors.

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Contact Keith for booking information: keith@parkhussion.com or 503.349.9413

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Hire him!

Keith covered the drum chair for us last night with only 4 days notice for three long sets of music with no rehearsal. Great job road-mapping the songs, locking with the bass and nailing the endings. A heads-up player. Hire him!

Vince Adame, Bar Pilots
The best drummer I’ve ever played with!

This may seem obvious, but I am not talking only technique here. The ability to do a one-handed triple flam is not what I am looking for, but instead playing in a unique and skilled way that enhances the music but never overshadows it.

Eddie van Clapton
Keith is pretty much the man!

I can’t believe how great his energy is, both on- and off the stage. He gives 110% no matter what he’s involved in!

Kevin Rankin